Match Success: Barbara & Chris

Your next biggest love could be waiting for you down the street. Literally.

Although Barbara’s son and Chris’s son had been playmates for years, the two had never personally met.

“Our boys already knew each other. They even went to the same school,” Barbara wrote. “Chris was literally a couple of neighboring streets away from my house this whole time!”

After meeting online via Match, the two’s relationship began to progress quickly. Three months into dating, Chris proclaimed how he truly felt about Barbara, and the pair knew this was the real deal.

Although they were married this past March, Barbara and Chris had already vowed to work through sickness and health as Barbara suffers from an incurable autoimmune disease.

“He knew I was sick from the beginning,” Barbara wrote us. “Yet he still didn’t judge me. He stuck around to see what I had to offer to a romantic relationship.”

Chris and his son moved into Barbara’s home, and it couldn’t have been a more perfect merging of two families. Barbara’s son got the brother he’d always wanted and Barbara got the man of her dreams.

“The big house that used to feel so empty to me is full of laughter, people that love each other, home cooked meals, and life.”

We are so happy for you and your newfound family, Barbara and Chris! Congratulations and best wishes.