Match Success: Alexandra & Geoffrey

Sometimes, a big move is the right move.

Six years ago, Alexandra decided to make a big move by uprooting herself to Los Angeles.

“I was super excited to be in a big city!” she told us.

New surroundings can provide a fresh pool of potential dating prospects, so Alexandra dove in and got to mixing and mingling.

“I met and dated a few guys, but none of them ever felt like ‘The One,” Alexandra wrote us.

After about three years of relying on the in-person meet cute, Alexandra was finally convinced by her friends to give online dating a try. Of course, meeting Geoff didn’t happen right away. She had to filter through many matches and messages before he showed up.

“There were definitely some yahoos and super corny messages, but then along came Geoff,” Alexandra reminisced.

Having just moved to L.A. from Boston, the two found common ground in being new to California. Not only that, they made each other laugh. A lot.

It’s been three years since Alexandra and Geoff met on Match, and they’re now engaged and getting married soon! Just goes to show you never know who’s moving where and how you might be meet them.

Congratulations, you two!