Check off Your Bucket List with Match this Summer!

We all have a bucket list, that list of experiences you want to accomplish in your lifetime. And as summer nears, it is a natural time to feel inspired and want to check things off that list.  In fact, 76% of Match members told us they feel inspired to try new things in the summer months.  What are the top things on singles’ bucket lists? Check out the top 10 list below.

  1. Fall in love- 83%
  2. Go on a wine tour in Napa- 53%
  3. Change someone’s life for the better- 52%
  4. Get to my ideal weight- 47%
  5. Go on a safari- 45%
  6. Ride a hot air balloon- 45%
  7. See the Northern Lights- 45%
  8. Go to the Super Bowl- 43%
  9. Swim with dolphins- 39%
  10. Travel through Europe- 38%

Having similar bucket list experiences is a natural alibi for people to connect over. 73% of singles say they would be more attracted to a potential date if they had a bucket list item in common, and 85% of singles agree that a potential date’s sense of adventure is an attractive quality.

Dr. Helen Fisher, Chief Scientific Adviser for Match and Biological Anthropologist, says this is a good thing for romance-seekers because “novelty triggers the dopamine system in the brain to make you feel alert, focused, energetic, optimistic…and often romantic, making one’s sense of adventure the ultimate aphrodisiac.  So when you find an adventurous partner, you are likely to have a companion who will keep you lively, healthy and romantic too.”

Beginning today, Match wants you to showcase your bucket list on your Match profile. It is easy and quick to complete – just click on the “bucket list” icon from your Me Dashboard to select your bucket list items from four separate categories: Adventure, Travel, Sports and Personal Goals.

Also beginning today, Match is helping singles check off their bucket lists through more than 600 Match Events, our new Bucket List Event Series, where you can tackle some of the biggest activities this summer.  The new event series offers everything from photography classes, paddle boarding, flying lessons, hiking excursions and even day trips and getaways like a summer trip to Aspen, a volunteering quest to Ecuador and a once-in-a-lifetime trip to experience the Northern Lights.

So this summer, let us help you do fun things AND meet cool people, all while checking off YOUR bucket list.

Be sure to follow our #SummerBucketList activities on all of our social channels to learn more & see what you can do with Match this summer.  Don’t forget to find an event in your area today!