Match Success: Jennifer & Michael

Michael never gave up on his ‘person.’

For a solid month, he reached out to Jennifer on Match, certain she was someone he needed to talk to. Jennifer, on the other hand, wasn’t having it.

“I was just about to drop off Match and give dating a break,” Jennifer told us. “I turned him down three or four times that month.”

Michael had even invited Jennifer to the Texas Rangers opening game against the New York Yankees – Jennifer is a HUGE Rangers fan—and she still said ‘no!’

Finally, Michael’s persistence paid off and Jennifer agreed to meet him for a drink. The two felt an instant connection upon meeting.

“Right away, it was so amazing,” Jennifer wrote us. They talked and texted every day after their first date.

Both divorcees who have children of their own and who had both been in long-term relationships post-marriage, Jennifer and Michael agree they’re each other’s person.

“It’s just easy! And to think I was going to stop online dating,” Jennifer shared.

The two are enjoying their new love, while traveling together with their families – and they just went to their first Ranger’s game.

“I’m the luckiest girl,” Jennifer wrote. “This is what it’s supposed to be!”

Yes, it is! We’re so glad you agreed to meet Michael – and Michael, props to you for your persistence!