Curious About Our TV Star…Meet Devin!

Meet Devin! Look familiar? We affectionately call him our “Man on the Street,” but you may know him as ‘Devin’ from the Match commercials. His expressive face and formidable height (he’s 6 ft. 5 in. tall!) make him a noticeable figure on the street.


This Valentine baby – seriously, his birthday is on Valentine’s Day – reigns from Massachusetts, where he was heavily involved in theater growing up. One of five kids he’s as outgoing as he is funny.

As an actor and comedian, Devin likes to keep the mystery alive, but we do know that he likes to read, only dances at weddings, and enjoys a good steak when he can get it.

Devin has been jet setting across the country with Match for over 3 years filming in various cities like Austin, New York and Los Angeles. Most recently, Devin was in the Lone Star State filming our latest commercials about the new feature on Match called Missed Connections.

What we at Match and Devin both find really neat about this new location-based feature is that it makes it easier for you to connect with other Match users in your town. You could have been sitting across from Mister or Miss Right this morning at your local coffee shop, and just didn’t know it! Plus, having a little geo-location connection can make starting a conversation easier, because as we’re sure you can attest, “Hi, how are you?” can get a little blahhhh.

The new feature builds off our robust matching algorithms to help you connect with other singles in a meaningful way. That way YOU are empowered to merge your online and offline worlds to make real connections.


  • You have the power to choose whether or not you want to opt into the feature, and you can opt-out at any time.
  • Plus, your exact location is never shared with other members. That cute single you crossed paths with only knows within one block (such as 9th and Park) and the number of times you crossed paths.
  • Lastly, your connections aren’t shown this information in real-time. It’s recent enough to be relevant, but not immediate.

So, here’s to making more real connections with Missed Connections! Download the app today to get started. And next time you see Devin be sure to say “Hi!” or…ask him to tell you a joke. 😉 He won’t disappoint.

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