Match Success: Carolyn & Michael

Michael’s first message to Carolyn was nothing to write home about.

“It was a boring, typical message,” Carolyn told us. “I ignored it for a week!”

But after watching a dating advice video that made her rethink her entire approach, Carolyn had a new attitude.

“(The dating expert) asked ‘How many NEW men do you meet each week?’ When I realized the answer was zero, I knew something had to change,” she wrote.

So, Carolyn logged back on and wasted no time in finally replying to Michael. The two quickly agreed to meet for a casual happy hour. Between the ease of conversation and generous amount of laughter, the chemistry between them was hard to miss.

That first date ended with a coy kiss on the cheek, but the next three years involved change, growth, support, love, a proposal and, as of last month, a wedding!

Carolyn, we’re so glad you decided to rethink Michael’s first message. We wish you both a lifetime of anything but boring!