Meet our May Crush of the Month, Dani!

Meet Dani! This brunette beauty has it all: a wildly popular beauty vlog with over 400k followers (and counting!), two amazing sons, and the freedom to work from home doing something she loves while raising her children. So would a man be nice to have around? Sure! But we hardly think this boss lady needs one.

So we wondered, why did Dani join Match?

“Being divorced in a city where I was never single is pretty tricky,” Dani wrote to us. “Add two small children to the mix, and a job that never requires you to leave the house makes (dating) even more difficult. I love that Match gives you a little more detail about a person before engaging in a conversation.”

We don’t blame her. With someone like Dani who has a lot to take into consideration when picking a date, she doesn’t necessarily have a lot of time to waste on dead ends!

This food-loving (specifically cheeseburgers and tacos), quick-witted, self-made beauty expert is confident, enthusiastic, and tells it like it is.

“I’m a wide open book. I like for people to get the real Dani from the moment our lives cross paths,” she wrote.

The self-proclaimed dog lover hopes to meet a guy who’s up for making dents in her bucket list with her. First on the list? Visiting Santorini, Greece! Oh and as for how she knows she’s really into someone…

“If I’m doing my daily activities like washing dishes or answering emails, and Mr. Eligible Bachelor creeps into my mind, well guess what buddy? If I’m thinking about you doing my routine, you’re officially a part of it!”

We’d agree that daydreaming about someone while scrubbing dishes is a solid indicator they’ve got your attention!

As for what Dani wants in a partner, her asks are simple yet solid: “Moral integrity, humor, intelligence.”

We think Dani is a real catch and if you feel the same, check out her profile on Match and strike up a conversation!

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