National Honesty Day: Keep It Real

In honor of National Honesty Day on April 30th, we dug through our latest Singles in America data and discovered that over half of singles (57%) DON’T tell white lies when they’re dating.

In fact, that little white lie you told about how long you dated your ex doesn’t help your chances when dating – our data shows that two-thirds of singles believe any small fib is unacceptable. Why? According to Dr. Helen Fisher, Match’s Chief Scientific Advisor, “Those who tell white lies are no more likely to get a second date; no more likely to have gone on a date in the last year; and no more likely to have had sex”. So, for those of us that like equations: Lies ≠ Sex.

Match discovered that the top white lie singles tell on a date is their sexual history. And while you may be inclined to think that men lie more about their number of sexual partners than women, we found that both men and women are EQUALLY likely to have lied about this! Tsk, tsk – no finger pointing ladies and gents! But you may be even more surprised to learn that only 24% actually lie about their number of sexual partners—See! People are more honest than you think!

Also, not telling your partner by the third date about an STD, a felony record, or that you’re in the country illegally are the top ‘lies by omission’ they’d be upset by. Of course, those aren’t easy things to tell a newly found love interest, but as our research shows, a relationship grounded in truth will be better for you and your partner in the long run.

Are you curious about what other things courting singles have lied about? Good. So were we! And here is what we found:

  • Age: Gay (44%) and bisexual (56%) singles are more inclined to lie about their age.
  • Height: Conservative Republicans are more likely to lie about their height (91%).
  • Finances: Men are more likely to lie about their finances (29%) and their job (32%).
  • Social Media: 27% of men who have had a date bring up social media accounts have been busted in a lie, as have 17% of women.

The moral of the story is don’t lie! Seriously, just DON’T! We believe in genuine connections, because to us, you deserve real love. And that starts with trust. Now, get out there and be the real YOU, because you are good enough.

P.S. – Shouts out to Nashville and Seattle! Our most honest cities. 62% of singles surveyed in those cities said they do not lie on dates.