Match Success: Chris & Brandi

It was love at first eyes for Chris and Brandi.

Upon seeing Brandi’s profile for the first time, Chris knew he had to reach out.

“Your eyes just aren’t fair,” he wrote to the blue-eyed beauty. Weeks went by before Brandi replied as it sometimes goes in the fast-paced world of online dating!

But the important thing is, she responded. And that response led to the pair meeting for their first date at a local spot they both liked. Chris was expecting a pretty typical first date, but was greeted by a rather surprising coincidence. Without her having planned it, all of Brandi’s friends were at the same place to see their friends’ band!

“Nothing like being thrown into the friend judgment line on a first date!” Chris wrote us.

But it couldn’t have turned out better. After a great first date, Chris and Brandi continued to see each other, falling harder with each date. Ultimately, Chris fell in love with Brandi over a chicken wing.

Allow him to explain.

“Someone (ordered the wrong thing at a pub) and the bartender was a friend, so he said ‘Who wants some free wings?’ Before I could even turn to look, Brandi was already eating one,” Chris told us. “Her big blue eyes were looking over that chicken wing at me like she had done something wrong. It was so adorable. I blurted out ‘I freaking love you!’”

The pair were engaged by June and married this past November.

“Match made our lives amazing,” Chris wrote. “All the small prerequisites and meaningless games were out of the way from date one… Thank you, Match. For everything.”

Chris and Brandi — we mean it from the bottom of our heart when we say you’re SO welcome! Let’s grab wings soon. 😉