Fazeena and Robert: How To Come Back From an Accidental Left Swipe

“NO!” Fazeena desperately whispered to herself. She had seen Robert on Match, thought he was cute, and did what we all have nightmares of doing — she swiped left instead of right!

But she did her best not to fret, putting her faith in the weird workings of fate.

“I thought if something was meant to happen, he would send me a message and 11 days after being active on Match, he did!” Fazeena wrote us.

The two started corresponding, moving from Match messages to email to phone messages and finally, long phone calls that sometimes went into the early morning. They agreed it was time to meet, so the first date was set for late August.

Their chemistry was instant and undeniable. It didn’t take long into the first date for both Fazeena and Robert to know there would be a second, third, fourth, and so on.

That December, the couple took their first trip together and it was then they both realized this was forever. They decided they were it for each other and partners for life, going on to take multiple other trips together including Jamaica, Montreal, and a surprise destination trip to Disney World for Fazeena’s birthday.

On that trip, Rob took Fazeena to a magical restaurant that overlooked Cinderella’s castle in the Magic Kingdom. As the fireworks show was getting started, Rob presented Fazeena with a photo album he had made of their memories together. Just like a fairytale, Fazeena turned to the last page as the fireworks began to find “Will you marry me?” written on the page. Rob was waiting on one knee as Fazeena said “YES!” and the fireworks exploded in front of them.

The two will marry this July, all because their destiny was greater than any accidental left swipe. We wish you two the best of luck and lots more magic!