Match Success Story: Tania and Jeff

In January 2015, Tania joined Match. After receiving her first message from Jeff and recognizing their shared love for classic ‘80s movies, the two exchanged numbers and began talking on the phone.

Plot twist: He didn’t ask her out after their first phone call.

“I didn’t know what to think of it at first,” Tania wrote us. “But he definitely intrigued me. I decided that he probably just wanted to get to know me better before meeting, and I became very interested.”

After a month of phone calls and tons of texting, the Canadian, Star Wars-loving Jeff asked out the Peruvian artist Tania for their first date. Over craft beers at a local brewery, the two hit it off right away.

“Our eyes met for the first time, and I couldn’t believe how magical it felt. Best first date ever!” Tania wrote.

Weeks then months then years went by with the pair making memories all along the way in the form of mini getaways, big international trips, and countless sweet, everyday moments. Tania even counts the difficult times as memories since they made her realize, “He’s a great partner and a fantastic human being!”

Last February, after cooking up a cozy Valentine’s dinner for himself and Tania, Jeff got down on one knee and asked if she’d be his wife.

“We can’t wait to start our life together, and we’d like to thank you, Match, for allowing us to meet!”

PS: If she looks a little familiar to you, Tania was part of our Wella + Match video series in early 2015! Just a few short months later, she met Jeff on Match!