Match Success Story: Angie and Randy

Angie and Randy’s success story proves that timing and fate are everything.

In 2003, Angie made the decision to try an online dating site for the first time and signed up for Match. Fresh off a long-term breakup, she figured it was the best way to put herself back out there and dip her toe back into the dating pool.

Between navigating new dating waters and striking up a conversation with multiple potential matches, Angie attended a friend’s wedding. There, her good friend Amy told Angie she had someone perfect in mind for Angie but the time just wasn’t right. Angie was intrigued by this mysterious and perfect yet unavailable match but brushed it off for the time being.

Shortly after, Angie received a message from a picture-less profile on Match. Although having no picture is typically a major turn-off to most online daters, something about the message itself really intrigued Angie. Against her best judgment, Angie wrote back, beginning one of the most important message threads of her life.

Emails went back and forth until Angie and Randy started talking on the phone. With each conversation, they realized how much they had in common! It quickly became obvious to them both that a meeting needed to happen.

While preparing to meet this man in person, Angie received a call from Amy (her friend whom she spoke with at the wedding). In minor hysterics, Amy explained that she had just gotten off the phone with her friend Randy — yes, the same Randy who Angie was about to meet in person! This was the mysterious perfect yet unavailable guy Amy had mentioned months earlier, and fate had brought them together without Amy’s interjection! No one could believe it. Their meeting was truly meant to be.

Needless to say, from date one, Angie and Randy hit it off. By date number two, the pair knew this was it — the real deal. A whirlwind of proposal, engagement, and marriage quickly ensued.

But that’s not where this happy story ends. Both having entrepreneurial spirits and knowing how well they work together, Angie and Randy started brainstorming about self-run business opportunities during their honeymoon. Over the years, the self-driven and inspiring couple have explored a handful of business endeavors, with the most successful being One Click: a people-focused eyewear company that is run entirely online. What started as a risky dream for this ambitious couple has turned into a very successful family business.

Angie and Randy’s online love story came full circle. What started on Match as an instant and promising connection carries on throughout One Click. The Internet: it makes the world go ‘round!

About One Click: In 2005, Randy and Angie Stocklin started One Click with the mission to be the world’s most people-focused eyewear company. Now operating three brands with 55 employees:, Sunglass Warehouse, and felix + iris, One Click has become a multi-million dollar e-tailer. One Click has been recognized for their strong core values and culture as one of the Best Places to Work in Indiana for four consecutive years.