Meet our March Crush of the Month: Drew

We’re extra excited about this month’s crush because it’s our first ever MAN crush! Meet Drew: the driven entrepreneur from Chicago.

Three years ago, this highly motivated go-getter decided it was time to make a change and create his business by melding together his two true passions: Fitness and people.

“I quit a job with great pay and benefits to start over… with no guaranteed income,” Drew wrote.

Our Crush of the Month’s ambitious spirit doesn’t end there, though. Drew lives by the phrase “Just start doing it” — something he heard on one of his favorite podcasts (of many), the Adam Carolla and Dr. Drew Show. It aided in motivating Drew to close his eyes, take the leap and figure out the rest later.

But let’s bring it back to the real reason we’re all here: Drew joined Match in hopes of finding “the one.” Of course, he wants to be hopelessly attracted to a potential match on various levels, but “smart” and “funny” were at the top of his most-wanted qualities list.

This self-described workaholic could live off steak alone, he loves his mom (“I credit her for giving me a brain that’s wired to serve me well in the realm of professionalism”), and is rarely found sitting still. If he’s not in his self-made fitness studio, Drew is finding other ways to stay on-the-move.

“During Snowpocalypse, I took the L to visit a friend and we got burgers and beers because I didn’t want to be stuck inside,” the Chicagoan told us.

Drew’s entrepreneurial spirit and tenacious drive definitely grabbed our attention (not to mention those pearly whites and that 5 o’clock shadow!), but what sealed the deal was his positive, inspiring attitude that we think would translate well in a romantic relationship.

“You’ll make mistakes,” our crush wrote. “But you’ll learn and get better.”

We think that applies to so much and know we definitely didn’t make a mistake making Drew our March Crush of the Month!

If you’re interested in reaching out to Drew and chatting him up, you can see his full Match profile here.