3 Ways to Break the Ice with a Night at the Rink

When you’re planning a date, it can be all too easy to slip right into the standard dinner-and-movie routine. Are you looking for something with a little more active participation? Then think about putting your date on ice.

Whether you want to take in one of the special events offered by a local ice arena, lace up your skates and show off your flip jump, or check out the hometown hockey team, a night at the rink can make for an invigorating experience. Here are three cool options to consider.

Hit the rink. Many local rinks offer public skating times, and some include special themes to make it even more fun, like rock-and-skate or disco nights complete with a light show and DJ. Does your date not know how to ice skate? Sounds like the perfect opportunity to cozy up and offer some personal training. And if you’d rather watch the pros channel Blades of Glory than do it yourselves, check your local rink’s schedule for upcoming figure skating and ice theater shows. Those sparkly costumes are way more impressive from the stands than they are on TV.

Look outdoors. If you live in a cooler climate, there’s probably at least one open-air skating rink near you. This is really a fantastic way to take in the city and the season while you’re out with your date.

Take Boston as just one example. Skating on the Frog Pond at Boston Common on a crisp winter night is not only a naturally romantic setting, but it also puts you in position for the rest of your date. There are endless options for restaurants, clubs and theaters in the Back Bay, downtown or the North End—all within walking distance.

You can find something similar in other cities, too. Even places like Los Angeles are now setting up rinks for the winter, giving everyone access to public ice time and special outdoor skating events.

Cheer for the home team. Of course, sometimes it’s fun just to throw on your replica jersey and head to a hockey game. Whether it’s the NHL, college, or a minor-league team, you’ll both be impressed with the players’ balance of athleticism and grace on the ice. And if you’re lucky, you might even witness a harmless brawl between opposing teams.

This is a great choice if your date is a die-hard fan, and even more special if they are a fan of a non-local team and you can surprise him or her with tickets when they come to town. And if they’ve never even watched a hockey game? There’s a good chance you’ll win them over with this action-packed sport. Plus, it’s always fun to be able to share a brand-new experience together.

Whatever angle you choose, a trip to the rink can heat up any boring date night. Grab a few extra layers of clothing and give it a shot!

By Adam Young: Founder and CEO of Event Tickets Center, Adam Young became an expert on planning for events. Now he shares his knowledge with readers to ensure they have the experience of a lifetime, every time.