Danielle and Derek- Match Success Story

Timing really is everything.

Right before Danielle’s subscription with Match was in the process of ending, she spotted Derek. Able to squeeze a wink at him just before she was off Match for good, the two hurriedly exchanged numbers and met for their first date two days later.

As time passed, the two grew closer and closer, steadily seeing each other up to five times a week! They were hooked. Both Danielle and Derek had already decided this was it, but giving each other the exact same funny Christmas card was a sign that hit them both hard.

“It was a sign among many others that Derek was the one for me,” Danielle wrote.

The following Thanksgiving, the couple had plans to travel to North Carolina to spend the holiday with his family. Both being huge football fans, part of their trip was to attend a Carolina Panthers game. Little did Danielle know, Derek would be proposing to her that night via the stadium’s jumbotron!

The happy couple were married this past November.

“We have been through highs and lows just like any other couple, but together we have grown to be better people and make a great team,” Danielle wrote us. “We make the perfect team and have Match to thank for it.”

We’re so happy for you two!