The Stout Bunch- Match Success Story

When her husband became terminally ill, Misty knew she was facing challenges she could’ve never imagined.

At only 31-years-old, she was a widow raising three young sons on her own.

“I was terrified of online dating,” she wrote. “But had promised my late husband…that I would try to find love again.”

Apprehensive but determined to meet a man who not only loved her but also her three boys, Misty signed up for Match. After several positive albeit insignificant dates via Match, Christopher winked at Misty on New Year’s Eve 2015.

That wink turned into thoughtful and engaging messages which turned into texts which ultimately became phone calls. The two hit it off almost instantly, with Christopher also having three sons of his own! Slowly but surely, the two families merged into one, becoming what they call “The Modern Day Brady Bunch.”

Misty and Christopher were married this past October and now live has a happy family of eight “all thanks to Match!”