Meet our February Crush of the Month: Ashley

It’s our favorite time of the month — Crush time!

This month we are crushing hard on Ashley and the reasons why are endless, but we’ll try not to gush and pick just a few favorites.

A native New Yorker who has learned to adore the Cali lifestyle, Ashley is a big fan of Match and for good reason. Not only has she had previous success with making meaningful connections that have evolved into long-term relationships, but she’s even starred in some of our TV and online advertising!

When she’s not sleeping in until the very last minute or getting her chef on in the kitchen, this self-proclaimed drama queen leads a balanced life of work, friends, and downtime.

The pizza-obsessed low-key painter said her friends would describe her as honest and fiercely loyal. “Also, ‘too honest’ but I know they dig it. And an unexpectedly-sensitive caretaker,” she added.

When we asked Ashley what her top three must-have qualities are in a man, she described what sounds like a confident, well-rounded person. “He needs to be happy in his day-to-day life, have found success in his passion (whatever that may be), and be smart,” she told us. “I love a man who can teach me things SWOON.

This self-made woman has a lot to be proud of. Moving across the country to an entirely new state can be terrifying and stressful, but she’s made it work for her. “I’ve created a beautiful life all my own out here, across the country from my friends and family. But I’ve found a second family with new friends, so now I have the best of both worlds!”

Other passions that will get Ashley talking? The OA (on Netflix), hot yoga, pate, traveling to Asia (“I want to visit all of it — from an Ashram in the mountains to floating down the Mekong River in Thailand”), and pizza. Did we mention she loves pizza?

So if you’re a smarty who loves dogs, has the itch to travel, and likes the sounds of a sassy blonde with a killer attitude, we have a feeling Ashley can’t wait to hear from you.

You can find her profile here!