Match Success Story: Barrett and Shauna

Being an airplane pilot, Barrett found meeting someone to be difficult since his lifestyle is so on-the-go. Because of his frustrations with the dating game, Barrett had all but decided to put his love life on hold until his friend recommended he try Match. This friend had seen success and suggested Barrett give it a go, so Barrett obliged.

Within two days of being a new member, Barrett received a message from Shauna. Not only was he instantly taken by her beauty, but her profession proved all-too-familiar to his — she was a flight attendant! The two immediately hit it off, exchanging phone numbers by that night and texting incessantly.

The only problem? At the time, Barrett was stationed in Washington, D.C. with Shauna living in both of their home state, Atlanta. Regardless of distance, the two couldn’t stop talking and it only took a week for Barrett to decide he had to fly home to meet this girl.

Their first date lasted six hours and, after two more successful outings, Barrett made their relationship official. He wasn’t going to let long-distance keep him for this amazing, unique woman he had the luck of meeting online.

The first month of their courtship was trying, with both of them having to compromise to meet in whichever cities proved to be the most feasible for the flying pair. Fortunately, it didn’t take Barrett long to decide he wanted to move back to Atlanta. After another four months, the two moved in together and another handful of months after that, Barrett was ready to seal the deal with a ring.

In one of the most epic proposals we’ve heard of yet, Barrett was able to board the flight Shauna was attending that day, surprising her by popping out of nowhere and kneeling in the middle of the airplane aisle to ask her to be his wife. Talk about love being in the air!

The two were married this past September and have a baby boy due this coming April. Keep your love flying high, you two!