5 Dating Resolutions You’ll Actually Keep

New year, new you? Same you? Slightly bettered you? However you’re choosing to approach 2017, a new year almost always signifies a clean slate. That’s why we feel if you’re single, there’s no time like the present to start fresh.

If you’re still deciding on how to approach dating this coming year, let these five resolutions inspire you to do it differently in 2017.

Resolution 1: To stay open-minded.

It’s easy to box yourself into a corner when it comes to dating by sticking to your usual preferences, tastes, and requirements. While you should absolutely be true to yourself and what it is you need and want in a partner, if you’ve only ever dated a certain “type” and you’re still single, it may be time to change things up. Make a promise to yourself to be open-minded in 2017, because sometimes the most rewarding situations happen in a way you’d never expect.

Resolution 2: To give (almost) every first date a second date.

Unless it’s a no good, terrible, horrible first date (e.g. rude to you, rude to wait staff, shows up late, less than zero chemistry, etc.), we challenge you to give your first dates a second date this year. First dates are tough — a lot of nerves and anxiety are involved, which can sometimes overshadow someone’s ability to shine. If after a first date you’re on the fence or think you maybe might want to see them again and could maybe like them, go for a second! Two dates in the grand scheme of life isn’t much, especially if you aren’t ready to say “yes” or “no” after the first one.

Resolution 3: To not dive-in too fast.

Movies are wonderful in that they’re entertaining and can transport you to a made up and exciting world, even just for a few hours. However, movies are also dangerous in that they’re made up and at times, unobtainable worlds that can create unrealistic expectations. We all want that fairytale love that seems to happen overnight, but that can’t be everyone’s reality. If you’re the kind of person who has the tendency to dive head-first into a new relationship, and are still single as of now, consider changing your pace. t takes to get to know someone and to be sure you’re both in it for the long haul. Sure, moving quickly and passionately is exhilarating, but sometimes it can end before it has a chance to start. Instead of going for a burn, try for a simmer that builds into a boil. Practice the art of embracing the pace.

Resolution 4: To not stress over fruitless connections.

Finding love or a meaningful connection is at the top of many people’s priority list. Therefore, an enormous amount of pressure can sometimes be placed on making a connection or relationship work, which unfortunately ends up stinging more when it doesn’t. We challenge you to not get too down about situations that don’t work out. To be kinder to yourself and to find the positive in meeting new people, e.g. “At least I’m trying and open to it,” “These bad dates will turn into great stories,” “I’m learning more and more what I do and do not want in a partner.” Make peace with the fact that 9 out of 10 things won’t work out because there’s only supposed to be one time that it does. Enjoy the journey.

Resolution 5: To have fun.

Piggy-backing off of our last resolution, keep it simple and have fun! The goal of any relationship should be to support you, comfort you, and add to your overall happiness — not detract from it. If you find yourself dissatisfied, unhappy, stressed, or anxious because of some courtship or relationship you’ve entered, opt out! No one’s keeping you there. No one’s making you continue with it. It’s like the saying goes, “When it stops being fun, stop.” Sure, it’s not always going to be butterflies and rainbows but when you’re just meeting someone and getting to know them, it should be pretty darn close!

What are some of your personal resolutions for the new year? Leave a comment below!