Meet Our Crush of the Month: Emma

We’re excited to introduce you to this month’s Crush of the Month: Emma.

Emma is actually one of our own and works here at Match as the lead copywriter. More than just having a way with words, she brings an infectious laugh, an empathetic heart and a sharp wit to everything she does.


When she’s not ruminating over the perfect preposition, this Dallasite loves to TV-binge at night. Emma’s an almost 30-year old, whose energetic and feisty personality make the halls at Match a better place.

She also loves helping people with their Match profiles. “I know how important things like a headline can be, in terms of grabbing someone’s attention. Everyone is interesting and can have a great headline and a great profile.”

She describes her family dynamic closest to the Costanzas (you know, from Seinfeld). However, she only has amazing things to say about her upbringing.

“My mom, dad, and sister have all supplied me with crucial character traits that have shaped who I am and led me to where I am today,” Emma says.

Besides waking up early each weekday to hit the gym (we don’t know how anyone does it), Emma leads a pretty normal life full of family, friends, and lots of cooking.

“I love cooking and I’m always bookmarking new recipes” Emma says. “I try to cook most weeknights and love trying foods I haven’t had before.”

This dog-lover (she has a Cavapoo!) and podcast-enthusiast (you should see her download list) is a balanced mix of social butterfly and homebody. She loves exploring her city and all it has to offer, but loves a solid TV-binge even more.

“I’m re-watching one of my favorite shows for the third time,” she told us. “As a writer, I really appreciate things like dialogue, and plot construction, so watching something for the third time is not boring to me at all.


As for what she loves about Match, Emma says she loves not just working at, but being on a site that is about real and meaningful relationships.

“Like a lot of single people today, I’m tired of the free, somewhat game-like dating apps,” she wrote. “No one seems to take those apps seriously. The great thing about Match is that people are wanting to connect, not browse.”

What’s ahead for Emma? She plans to make 2017 a year of travel and would love to find someone with whom she can explore new places. In the meantime, odds are you can find her spending time with her four best friends, indulging in her favorite comfort food (pasta with bolognese) or belting out “What’s Up?” by Four Non Blondes at a karaoke bar.

We love working with Emma but we also think she’s a great catch, which is why we chose her for our Crush of the Month. If we had any doubt about selecting one of our own, her definition of love is what really sealed the deal for us.

“I think love is knowing someone has your back, no matter what,” the brunette beauty told us. “Whoever it is, they should bring out the best in you and inspire you to better yourself for them and for you.”

We agree and if you do, too, visit Emma’s Match profile here and strike up a conversation today!