How to Make the Most of Dating Sunday by Bela Gandhi

We’ve asked expert date coach and motivator extraordinaire, Bela Gandhi, to share some thoughts and tips on how to make the most of Dating Sunday, the day that kicks off Match’s busiest time of the year. Read below to find out how.

by Bela Gandhi

Believe it or not, there are 107MM single Americans (43% of the adult population), and finding a relationship is something that is very much ‘top of mind’ at this time of year – and especially in the coming week! Match has predicted that Sunday, January 8th will be THE busiest online dating day of the year (and the busiest moment is 8:49pm EST)! So how do you best take advantage of this day? It’s really about having a simple, but focused, plan around a few key areas.

Have a Dating Plan 

Often times we think dating and love should ‘just happen if it’s meant to be’ – and that planning is ‘unromantic.’  Au contraire. To be successful at finding love, make a plan that is realistic, fun, and one you can stick to.

A few tips:

  • Choose large sites with lots of members like Match. Dating often feels like looking for a needle in a haystack – so make sure you’ve got a big haystack. .
  • Choose a specific number of people to email per day. Between 3-5 emails per day minimum is recommended. Respond first to interesting people that email you proactively and after you’ve exhausted those – do your own proactive searches.

Online Dating Profile

Think about your online profile and photos as your personal marketing campaign It SHOULD take you more than five minutes to set up – a great profile should take time to put together.


Great photos will determine 90% of your success. Getting great photos taken (if you don’t have them) is one of the best investments you can make. 5-6 total photos is the magic number.

A few tips:

  • Your opening photo is the most important. Make direct eye contact with the camera, and show off your great smile. Look warm and welcoming so that people will want to click on your profile to learn more about you. Take them in a well-lit area and make sure they are high resolution.
  • People want to see what you look like from head to toe! Have at least three full body shots in your profile.
  • The focus should be on you. No other people, pets, sunglasses, or kids in your shots.

Profile Text 

A common question I get is, ‘Do people REALLY read your profile text?’ The answer is yes. So how do you write a good profile?

  • Stand Out! Use fun facts about you that are different. For example, maybe you’re a secret ballroom dancer, you’ve hiked up Mount Everest, you’re a 10 time marathon runner. Tell 1-2 sentence stories that will set you apart from other people.
  • Be positive! Talk about your most positive traits – and what you’ll bring to the table in a relationship – and talk about the positive traits you’re looking for in a mate. Stay away from all negativity.

Be brief, but not too brief. 200-300 words is great. If you’re on an app, you are more limited to number of words/characters – so curate your words. Spelling and grammar are important!  Whether we like it or not, we are judged by things like this. And it’s SO easy to make little mistakes on our cell phones and tablets.

So, this weekend, get ready, by making sure your photos and profile text are in their best shape with these tips as inspiration. Take advantage of this surge in new, wide-eyed and earnest daters coming to Match. Remember, there are many lids to your pot, and you’re looking for ONE – and this is the best time of year to find one!