5 Ways to Have a Merry Single Christmas

Over the last month, we’ve prepared you for the upcoming holiday. We’ve served you delicious drinks to make, inspiration for gifts you can give, and have even encouraged you to say “YES” all month-long! Now, with Christmas literally just days away, it’s crunch time when it comes to any last-minute, holiday survival tips. Let’s face it — being a singleton during Christmas can be tough, and the thought of your family suddenly considering themselves a special interrogation team re: your love life can make it that much harder. So keep these tips in your back pocket for when you find yourself in the thick of Christmastime.

  1. Master the art of sidetracking.

If a relative comes out of the gate at 100MPH asking about your life, job, dating situation, why you haven’t met anyone yet, etc., be armed with the art of sidetracking. A conversation you don’t want to have can be easily dismantled by a strong sidetrack. Some strong sidetrack examples are: observing something about the person who’s talking to you (Aunt Cindy, did you get a haircut?! or Gran, have you lost weight?!), pretending you have an important phone call (“I have to take this. I told them not to call me during the holidays.”), or asking your host what else you can help with (I think Mom needed me to do something in kitchen. Let’s go ask her!). When in doubt, sidetrack.

  1. Become best friends with adult beverages.

You might already be besties, but you might want to up the ante on your friendship with delicious adult beverages over the holidays. It’s an understood occurrence that cocktails reign king during the Christmas season, so make the most of those occasions. Shake hands with spiked eggnog, invite Christmas-themed Old Fashions to take a seat next to you, and cozy up a little too aggressively with red wine. Yes, it will taste good, but it will also serve as your guiding light during a time that can otherwise be a little overwhelming.

  1.   Don’t be brave; pack a laptop.

Or a tablet. Or portable DVD player. Or anything where you can watch some form of media to escape the real world for an hour or two. Yes, the holidays are about spending time with family and that’s important, we aren’t denying that, however, once the initial holly and jolliness has worn off, you may need a half-hour break alone in your room with your new favorite show. Just because you need a second to decompress from family-time with the latest TV original or a classic TV episode, that doesn’t make you a bad person — it makes you a totally normal person who can only handle so much holiday at a time.

  1. Do your best to stay off social media.

This is a tough one because we know you want to be “plugged in” during your time off. However, being a really single person on social media during the holidays can get really unhealthy really fast. ‘Tis the season for proposals, engagement announcements, and general “Look how happy WE are! Us! Me and him! She and I!” posts. So if you know you’re easily triggered by these occurrences, make an effort to stay away from social media until after the bulk of the holiday has passed. Of course, we understand if just have to see if that one couple finally got engaged or if you want to post an adorable picture you snapped of you and your one true love (your dog). Just get on and off as fast as possible, for your own sake.

  1. Try your best to maintain Christmas spirit.

Once you’ve had enough Hot Toddys, watched an episode of your favorite show in the privacy of your own bedroom, gotten through with your one, allotted social media scroll for the day, and artfully dodged 12 versions of “Why are you still single?” from your family, remember that it is Christmas. It only comes once a year and will be over before you know it. So try to embrace the family time you have with an open mind, warm heart, and lots and lots of wine. And sidetracking. Don’t forget the sidetracking.