Brian & Kelly: Our Timing Was Off

Brian & Kelly’s #MatchMade story as told by Brian:

Kelly and I first met on Match almost 3 years ago. 

At the time, I had been out on a few dates with another woman I met on Match, so I didn’t feel honorable going out with Kelly while I was interested in someone else, so I told her I was unavailable at the time. Kelly also went out with a few people from the site and luckily for me, it never worked out.

Our first date was February 7th, 2014. I took her out for sushi, which is her favorite food. I, myself, was not a fan, but I wanted to make sure she had a good time so I figured I could just order a basic chicken teriyaki. We hit it off immediately, conversation was easy, and we were having a great time. She insisted I at the very least, try a Sweet Potato roll. I was hesitant, but she ensured that there was no fish in it at all. It was an icy night and I walked Kelly to her car and used this opportunity to hold her hand to make sure she did not slip. To this day, we order a Sweet Potato roll every time we get sushi, but my palate has matured since then and I now eat all kinds of sushi.

I played the slow game with her after that and the idiot that I am, almost almost played it too slow. Two weeks after our first date we went out again for a fun night of bowling. As the consummate athlete I am, I expected an easy win, but as it is today, she is still my equal in all that we do.

Date 3 was an intimate home cooked meal at her place and she did not disappoint. Quinoa stuffed tomatoes, kale and mushroom salad, and parmesan crusted chicken. I also love to cook which is one of the things that attracted me most about her profile. From that night on, our love only grew. Nights were spent together and we never wanted to be apart. I knew that she was the one and asked her to move in with me for good in November. Weekends in Boston, and Ocean City. Vacations to Mexico. Adopting the other love of our lives, Brody, a 6 week old rescue pup, and countless other memories filled the next 15 months.

I knew for a while that I wanted to spend not just every day with her, but the rest of my life. I bought the nicest ring I could find that was worthy of her (although it’s beauty paled in comparison to her), and figured out how I would ask for her hand in marriage. The first hurdle was asking her parents for their blessing. As nervous as a prize turkey in November, hands shaking as I asked, I got their blessing.

On our vacation in Mexico I had a table set up on the beach at sunset. As we took our stroll along the ocean, she saw the table in the distance. Champagne, rose petals, chocolate covered strawberries, and candles awaited us and I got down on one knee and asked the biggest question any man gets to ask. She said “of course.” Since that day, January 17th, 2016, we have been excitedly planning our wedding which is set for September 3rd, 2017.

We wanted to share our story with you to thank Match for helping us find love in an endless ocean full of being stood up, bad dates, one night stands, and awkward romances. You have truly changed our lives with your website and this is our way of saying thank You!