5 Holiday Drinks We Love Sippin’ On

We’re officially a week and a half away from Christmas! That’s 10 days, people! Hopefully you’ve gotten the bulk of your Christmas shopping done by now and can start to focus on the really fun stuff, like which holiday cocktails you can make for friends and family in the coming week! We’ve compiled some of our favorite holiday libations for you to try this season, in case you feel like branching out. Enjoy!

  1. Winter Bourbon Smash

If you’re a whiskey fan, this sweet but tart concoction could be just the twist you need on a classic liquor. Mixed with actual jam (your choice of flavor but we went with the blogger’s raspberry suggestion), triple sec, and a splash of orange juice, this cocktail is the perfect way to add a little festivity to an otherwise typically heavier liquid.

*Recipe from Minimalist Baker

  1. Caramel Apple Mimosas

Christmas morning is already magical, but adding this incredible cocktail to the mix makes it even more so. It’s an almost too delicious twist on a classic AM drink, with drool-worthy ingredients like apple cider, cinnamon sugar, and caramel vodka. We’ll take a pitcher, please!

*Recipe from Delish.com

  1. Mulled Wine

Not everyone loves warm cocktails, but mulled wine is an exception to the rule because of its cozy, delicious, enticing flavors. Made up of mostly apple cider and red wine, this classic holiday libation ends up warming you up inside and out, which is perfect for this time of year. The cinnamon and cloves add the perfect touch of holiday spirit to it, too.

*Recipe from Ina Garten for the Food Network

  1. Cranberry Moscow Mule

Moscow mules are all the new rage in the adult beverage world. Call it those copper mugs, but people seem to absolutely love this refreshing, ginger-based cocktail! If you’re a Moscow mule lover, this holiday twist on the classic drink might be right up your alley. The festive ingredient? Cranberry Juice!

*Recipe from POPSUGAR

  1. Country Christmas Tea

Sounds innocent but it’s anything but! To create this oh-so-warm and tasty holiday drink, you’ll need a slow cooker, a lot of chai tea, vanilla vodka, and a few more spices. We’d most definitely take a cup curled up by the fire. Hope to see you there!

*Recipe from Sandra Lee for the Food Network