Casey & Rhoads: We Were At the End of Our Memberships

Casey & Rhoads’ #MatchMade story as told by Casey: 

Rhoads and I met when we were both at the tail-end of our memberships. I had a few dates prior to him that were nothing to write home about and the same for him. In fact, we both told ourselves that this was the last week we were going to ‘browse’ the goods online. We were not matched as I was not in his age range (I’m almost two years older), but Rhoads stumbled upon my profile and winked at me.

After two dates, we were practically attached at the hip. After two weeks we were committed to each other. After a MONTH we were saying “I love you”. I told my girlfriends after a month of dating Rhoads that he was the one.

About a month after our one year anniversary, Rhoads asked me to be his wife. We are now a month and a half from our wedding date — and we couldn’t be happier.

We are huge supporters of Match and recommend all our single friends to try it — after all… we are a success story!

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