Megan & Anthony: It Was A Whirlwind of Emotions

Megan & Anthony’s #MatchMade story as told by Megan:

Anthony and I met on right before each of us were planning to cancel our individual subscriptions. It was December 2011 when I was giving it one last go and stumbled across Anthony’s profile. First, I was struck by his good looks – his brown eyes, handsome face, and charming smile. Then, I dug a little deeper into his profile. He had a job (check), lived a healthy lifestyle (check), and was taller than me (check, check!). Even though some bad (aka awkward, weird, creepy) blind dates had left me with zero expectations in finding “the one” online, I decided to swallow my pride and send over the first message… and I am so glad I did!

After a few email exchanges and a seemingly effortless phone conversation, Anthony spontaneously invited me to join him and 2 of his friends for cocktails at a local bar. I immediately shied away from the idea. I was picturing the 3 guys sitting across the table from me, either drilling me with questions or just awkwardly staring as I guzzled down some liquid courage. Besides, I already had plans to spend the evening with my family so it was an easy choice to decline. But for those of you who know Anthony, he doesn’t take no for an answer! As Anthony continued to text and call, I finally gave in under the advice of my mother, who encouraged me to use this opportunity to choose among the 3 guys instead of just one! Plus, I was having a really great hair day and as us ladies know, it is a shame to let that go to waste. 🙂

Anthony and I immediately hit it off. That’s not to say that I didn’t love my date with 2 other guys (who wouldn’t!), but there was something special about Anthony. I remember sitting down with him in front of a small replica of Schroeder’s piano (from the carton, Peanuts) and the conversation just flowed. As the night progressed, I realized that this wonderful man sitting by my side represented everything I had ever wanted and everything I could ever want. Never in my life had I met someone so charming, so honest, and so funny. The thought made me feel breathless and I remember going home that night completely high from excitement and the possibility that he could be “it” for me.

Over the next few weeks, Anthony swept me off my feet. He dazzled me with flowers, wrote me meaningful texts, showed up at my apartment for surprise visits, invited me to meet his friends and family, and started making plans for us in the New Year. Under normal circumstances, such “fast” behavior would have no doubt scared me away, but coming from Anthony it was pure romance. Something I had never experienced before and only imagined.

Our blossoming relationship quickly grew. It felt like a magical whirlwind of emotions: passion, excitement, glee, optimism, fear, doubt, luck and love. We spent (and still do spend) countless evenings laying in each other’s arms listening to our favorite band Stateless, talking the night away. We cooked for each other, slow danced in my apartment, spent the weekend in the mountains, and began planning our future. It took me 31 years to find him. 56 days after we met, we said “I love you”. 1 year later we moved in together. Shortly after that we were engaged. And now, after nearly 3 years of being together we are getting married. My only regret in life is not meeting him sooner. Spending the rest of my life with him just isn’t enough time.

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