One Thing You Should Avoid on a First Date

So, you’ve been talking to a new potential date for a week or so now. Between the two of you, you’ve covered a lot of ground: where you work, what school you both went to, how many siblings you have, basically all the basics. By the time your first date has arrived, you’re equal parts nervous and excited. You feel like you have a pretty good handle on who this person is, but there’s still some mystery that keeps you guessing. Keeping that mystery in mind…

If you don’t feel comfortable, don’t allow them to pick you up for the date.

Sure, you’re excited to finally meet. You’ve exchanged a number of messages, even chatted over the phone. They seem to be completely trustworthy and honest, but theres something in your gut saying you’d rather meet them at the date location. That is 100% okay to do! You don’t have to let them pick you up at your place until you feel completely comfortable with them. Trust your gut, even if you have mutual friends and there’s some level of pre-established familiarity, it’s better to be safe!