5 Reasons To Not Give Up On Finding Your Person

Sure, dating can be tough, but it can also be so rewarding and amazing too. The urge to throw in the towel, cancel every dating account and refuse to try anymore happens to us all, but before you swear it off altogether, read these five reasons why you should rethink dating:

1. If you’re not “out there,” where are you?

Sure, it feels silly to deem being available as “putting yourself out there,” but if you refuse to do that, then where are you?! How can potential matches find you if you’re not putting in equal effort? You don’t have to be actively swiping or searching, but remaining on even one dating app leaves the door open just enough in case someone wants to push it wide open!

2. Rethink your approach.

Are you quick to put all your eggs in one basket? Do you always say “Hi” first or use the same opening line in all your messages? Maybe it’s time to switch things up! Adjust your approach and we guarantee you’ll see positive results. Instead of meeting up for drinks, grab a coffee. Instead of dinner, get breakfast. Place yourself in different situations so you’re forced to react differently.

3. There’s a lid for every pot.

We truly believe everyone has a someone; it’s just about sticking with the journey to find them. It doesn’t matter what your baggage may be, if you think you’re “too weird,” or even “too boring” — there is someone for EVERYONE! You just have to believe it and most importantly, LOVE yourself! No pot is too heavy, too oddly-shaped, too anything not to have a lid that accompanies it.

4. New singles are available every day.

Feel like you’ve met every single person available? Wrong! People are breaking up each and every day. In fact, in the time it’s taken you to read this, couples all over your city have parted ways. You never know who you’re going to run into on your walk to work, when you’re grabbing your morning coffee or picking up groceries. Stay positive and look around you, it might surprise you how many cute singles you encounter each day.

5. You go this!

Yes, love and relationships have their ups and downs, but the beauty of it all is that they can be amazing too! Think of it this way — if we’re all suppose to find our special person, we’ve got to put in the work to find them. Yes, it comes easier for some, but for others it takes a little more time. Love is like wedding dresses, some brides find theirs at first glance, others try on hundreds, but they all find the one that fits them just right. Don’t give up — we sure won’t.