Positively Attractive

With the presidential campaign and the news cycles more negative than ever, we are on a mission to help change the conversation from “Make America Great Again” to “Make America Love Again.” So today, Match is celebrating National Positive Thinking Day by focusing on encouraging everyone to share the love.

It turns out, positivity is sexy. More than half of singles have broken up with someone because they were too negative or pessimistic. And 93% of singles report that they bond with a date over shared positive views. Our own Chief Scientific Advisor Dr. Helen Fisher weighs in by confirming “Singles want a partner who smiles, is enthusiastic and who thinks of the future, not the past.  And for good reason. Negativity stresses the body and the mind. We’re naturally drawn to positive people because when they smile, we automatically smile too—and smiling triggers facial muscles that trigger the brain’s pleasure centers to make you feel good. Sure; there’s much to cry about. But if you want to attract the right partner and fall in love, be happy. It’s one of nature’s secrets to romance.”


We’re also encouraging Match members to spread the love today through a new feature within the iOS and Android apps, where users can send a message of “love” to anyone for free, or by participating in our #ShareLoveChallenge across social. All you have to do is simply post a photo/video of what you love, post it to social with #ShareLoveChallenge and tag 3 friends to do the same.


Be a part of positivity today and share what YOU love! Post a picture, take the challenge and together, we can create a love revolution!!

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