Megan & Mike: In Sickness And In Health

A couple of weeks ago we got wind of this incredible story and knew that we just had to share it! Thank you Michelle Money for sharing Megan and Mike’s beautiful story with us. 

After Mike was deployed on his second combat tour overseas in the beginning of 2011, he joined Match thinking he might find a companion to be able to talk with through the tour. It was then Mike found Megan. He happened to catch her at the right time, and even though he was 9 hours ahead of her, they were on at the exact same time and ended up messaging back and forth- there was instant chemistry. Thanks to the help of Skype and Facebook, they were able to communicate every waking moment that they were both available despite the distance and time difference. Through this, Mike fell in love with not only Megan, but her son too as well as the rest of her close family. Not even a week into meeting, they knew something was different- and that this would be a forever kind of love. Despite traditional long distance relationships being hard enough, they had no choice but to remain apart due to the deployment. Megan was able to be there for Mike and support him during this time and be of comfort to him while he served our country.

4 months into their relationship, Megan was devastated to find out that she needed surgery to remove a tumor that contained cancer in her lymph nodes. Mike was so supportive and was even able to speak with her surgeon over the phone before the procedure. Their support for each other knew no boundaries or distance. They felt that by making it through not only a deployment, but also a cancer scare (having never met in person), that they could overcome anything! Little did they know these would only be small bumps in the road compared to what was to come.

Over 7 months into their long distance relationship, Mike was finally able to fly home for his 2 week leave. This would be the first time getting to meet in person, even though they were already engaged at this point! Megan picked Mike up at the airport and it was everything they had imagined it to be and it was a moment they will never forget! Those two weeks were even more confirmation of their love.

After Mike’s leave, he flew back overseas to complete his deployment for another few months before he could return home for good. Being apart again after finally having a taste of life together was so hard for them both, but they took that time to plan their wedding and focus on their future.

Finally, the day had come where Megan was picking Mike up at the airport for the final time. It was such a surreal moment for them both. The deployment had finally come to an end! The excitement of everything was incredibly overwhelming and heartwarming for the pair. It was a day that both had dreamed of for such a long time that Megan pushed through some pain that she had recently been feeling and didn’t mention anything to Mike.

Megan had noticed some physical changes but didn’t want to worry anyone at first. As the days went on, her condition progressed. She had been collapsing among other physical symptoms but didn’t want to hold up any of their wedding plans. The day of their wedding was finally here and she knew she could get through it, she had been waiting for this day for so long!

That evening during the ceremony, Megan noticed she was starting to lose feeling in her legs, along with getting lightheaded and her heart was racing. She knew this was much bigger than nerves and that something was very wrong. She pushed through the ceremony and made the best of it. During their first dance, things took a turn and Megan asked Mike to help hold her up because she didn’t think she could. As soon as the music ended, they stepped out called the night early. This marked the beginning of a very long road ahead them.

Shortly after the wedding, Megan was in the hospital. This visit is when the pair found out that she was pregnant! Knowing that her symptoms started prior to becoming pregnant was a concern to them, but the doctors had reassured them that things would subside once she delivered. As the months went on, things were spiraling downward for Megan. During the high risk pregnancy, she was in and out of the hospital constantly, but received little answers as to what was going on.

They reached the halfway mark of the pregnancy and Megan was ordered to be on bedrest and had to use a walker around the house. This was hard not only on them, but Megan’s son Tobey who had never seen his mother sick before. The delivery date came and they were thrilled that they would soon meet their daughter! They were also looking forward to doing more testing to find out what was really wrong with Megan without the risk of harming the baby.

The delivery was very hard on Megan but thankfully their daughter Perry was delivered completely healthy. After the birth, she had to undergo transfusions and testings, and was unable to walk or hold up her body. Her heart was in trouble, along with her nervous system – anything that could go wrong, was going wrong inside of her body.

When Megan and Mike were finally able to leave the hospital and go home, it was quite the adjustment becoming a family of four. Mike had to take fully responsibility of taking care of everyone, including bathing, clothing and feeding Megan daily. Thankfully, her family lived close by and was able to lend a helping hand. They prayed that this was not what they would have to endure forever.

Throughout the next 5 years, Mike held true to his vows ‘in sickness and in health’, and took Megan all over the country to seek help and treatment. He never gave up on her. She never gave up either. Her family and their strong love is what gave her the will to fight.

megan and molly picture

It was tough enough to get through each day, but now they had to deal with the overwhelming amount of medical debt they had accumulated. Thanks to the generosity of local news outlets who had run a couple stories to help with fundraising, a local neuromuscular therapist had reached out saying he could help Megan. The pair had a feeling that this would be the man to help her, this would be their answer… and it was!

Megan was a very complex case and it took her longer to recover. Mike and her therapist were right there with her every step of the way. It’s been 3 years since she began working with this new therapist and Megan is not only walking again, but thriving! She is continuing to get stronger each and every day!

They also went on their very first date together in almost 6 years! And even more recently, the couple traveled to Utah for their first non-medical trip to renew their vows and to have their pictures taken together as a healthy couple.

It was love that kept Megan and Mike going in the most trying of times. We adore this couple and wish them nothing but health and happiness!