One Type of Profile Picture You Should Never Upload

Choosing pictures for your dating profile is stressful. You second-guess yourself and wonder if that one picture you’ve always thought you looked in is still your best option. You’re tempted to post selfies because you know your best angles and always seem to catch yourself in the best light. And honestly? We’re okay with that. Selfies shouldn’t be shameful — sometimes you look really good and there isn’t anyone around to take the picture for you! But there is one type of selfie you should steer clear of…

The mirror selfie.

Even if you think it’s the best you’ve ever looked,  don’t upload that mirror selfie to your profile. You can always set up your camera phone on self-timer to catch your look yourself. I think we can all agree that the worst is when someone actually shares a mirror selfies they took in a bathroom or surrounded by the clutter in their house! Mirror selfies cause nothing but trouble, so save yourself from the scrutiny and select another photo to post to your profile.