Danielle & Daniel: One “Like” and the Rest was History

One “like” and the rest was history.

While on Match, skeptical and apprehensive Danielle “liked” one of Daniel’s pictures on his profile. Shortly after, Daniel wrote her a message. After some hesitancy and nerves, a first date was set.

Although the adventurous Daniel suggested sky diving for their first date, they settled on a classic dinner date. Once awkward hellos and hugs were exchanged, they headed inside to enjoy a meal and interesting conversation. Danielle remembers the date being pleasant, but nothing mind-blowing.

“He seemed a little full of himself,” she remembers. “His stories were hard to believe.”

The first date ended with a hug goodnight and no mention of a second date.

Surprisingly though, the two kept in touch. First with texting then almost nightly phone calls. Danielle caught herself unexpectedly falling for this guy and started to panic. As so many of us do, Danielle had trained herself to guard her heart with tenacious passion to avoid getting hurt. But Danny wasn’t having it.

“If you care for a person, you make time for them” was the text he sent her one day that shook her up and snapped her to! She decided that day it was time to let her guard down and let him in.

From there, the two became inseparable, spending almost every day together. Although Danielle lived in New Jersey and Daniel was in Brooklyn, that didn’t affect their relationship. Danny happily made the long drive out to Danielle over and over again, just to see her and take her to dinner. It was clear these two had something incredibly special, and that they had found what they’d been searching for.

On September 26, 2015, Daniel planned a day full of fun and celebration in the city for his 28th birthday. Once they were alone, surrounded only by a man playing guitar and beautiful artwork in Central Park, Daniel took Danielle by both hands and said, “the reason I was put on this Earth was to love you,” and dropped to his knee. Shaking and crying, the once-skeptical Danielle had never been more sure of saying “YES!”

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