Today’s the Hottest Day of Summer on Match!

by Emma Golden

Mondays are the worst. No one truly likes them, but they always seem to find you no matter what. But today’s Monday is something to get excited about because it’s Match’s Hottest Day of Summer! And not just literally, either. Figuratively, too! 

You see, we here at Match found that there’s a significant increase in online dating activity during this particular time of year, and that June 27 seems to be the “hottest” day to date online. That’s right – right now, hundreds of thousands of Match members are sitting comfortably at home, basking in a cool stream of A/C, while they browse around online looking for a potential match to connect with. So today is the day to capitalize on all this hot activity and get to talking!

Why is the summer such an appealing time for online daters to log on and connect? Match’s Chief Scientific Advisor, Helen Fisher, gives some solid insight on the idea:

“Sunlight gives people energy. This is because the pineal gland in the brain produces melatonin in the dark of winter, making people more sluggish and sleepy.  But as the spring and then summer light increases, the pineal gland reduces its production of melatonin and begins to orchestrate the breeding/mating season in many species…We humans don’t have a mating season; we breed all year long…increasing light does give us a sunny personality and more energy and optimism—all of which could increase our sexuality.”

Oh, and one more thing before you dive into the proverbial swimming pool of love. We have some quick expert tips to make the most of your online activity today:

Update your profile story! When was the last time you edited your “In My Own Words” or “Favorite Hotspots” section? Take a second to refresh your profile to attract new attention.

Upload more pictures! What have you been doing so far this summer? Show potential matches via recent summertime pics you’ve snapped!

Don’t be shy, just say “Hi!” Initiating conversation can be intimidating, but it doesn’t need to be anything long or involved. Just reach out, say “Hello,” and see where a potential connection could take you.

And, just in case you were curious, we pulled the top 10 flirtiest cities in the U.S. So if you live in any of these, be on high alert because the “hottest” day of summer could be even hotter for you than we’re anticipating! Heat waves abound!

 Top 10 Flirtiest Cities in the Summer

1.       Winston-Salem, NC

2.       Stockton, CA

3.       Raleigh, NC

4.       Springfield, MA

5.       Hartford, CT

6.       Durham-Chapel Hill, NC

7.       Santa Rosa, CA

8.       Jacksonville, FL

9.       Manchester, NH

10.     Tucson, AZ