Match Events Recap: Laurie Davis Webinar

Last week hundreds of Match members signed up and called in to take part in our latest webinar with digital dating expert, Laurie Davis of eFlirt.

We can’t give everything away but Laurie shared her expert tips on how to make your Match profile the best it can be. With a combination of simple tips, deep analysis and years of experience, Laurie explains how to take your profile from complete to compelling.

Members left with clear, actionable steps on how to show themselves in a way that would help them stand out from the crowd while being true to who they are.

Interested in hearing more and learning how you can do the same? Laurie will be back on October 27th in select cities via webinar to bring her insights and tips to an even larger audience. Spots will be become available next week, so stay close to the Match Events page for more details.

To read more about Laurie, click here.