Creative Dating

It’s become a part of the dating dictionary to suggest coffee or drinks as a first date idea. And this makes sense: pretty much every city in the world has a bar or a coffee house and everyone will sip on something at some point.  It’s a low-investment idea that everyone can agree on. But maybe beverages aren’t the only way to see if there’s a spark. 

One way to think of great first date/meeting ideas is to think of stuff you’ve wanted to do yourself anyway. Consider the farmer’s market you haven’t checked out, the bookstore that has managed to survive or even the semi-professional sports team you’ve heard about as things that could be explored with another person in tow. Maybe there’s a daily deal you bought from one of those sites with an impending expiration date? The point is that the story of why you want to go somewhere or why you need to do something might just be the conversational fuel you need to learn about someone else. We’re not saying coffee and/or drinks is off the table, but maybe there’s something to be said for inviting someone to the things you’d like to do anyway.

So take a look at things you’ve bookmarked online, think of things you’ve said you would do and/or check out in your town and see if that person you’ve been messaging on Match would like to join you.

– Lakshmi

Director of Event Design and Strategy