What NOT to say at a dating event

by Laurie Gerber

What not to say at a dating event, hmm?

That’s actually a trick question, because the answer is so simple. The number one thing you should avoid saying is … anything that isn’t the truth.

This means exaggerating certain aspects of yourself, brushing over certain details, or flat out making stuff up! People do this all the time, and it isn’t unusual or even unreasonable. After all, you DO want to present the best version of yourself, right? So you let your inner PR agent do the talking and tell the story you think people will want to hear.

But here’s the deal: you’re looking for a heart connection.

It won’t happen if people only meet the “you” that is carefully edited to withhold the parts you don’t wish to reveal about your past relationships, your age, your career, what you’re really looking for, and what you’re not looking for. If you want someone to fall in love with the real you, you’re going to have to be that person. NOW, not later!

And if you don’t love where you’re at right now … you can change it! The best thing our clients do for their dating life is improve their daily lives. The more you like what you’re up to, the more confident you’ll feel about being yourself on a date. Then it’s just a matter of meeting YOUR match!

The things you might think are embarrassing, your “match” won’t mind. The details you don’t want to deal with, he or she will take in stride. Your next date is out there, but won’t be able to find you if you’re in disguise! Plus, when you DO make that connection, you’ll be building the relationship on a foundation of honesty and trust. We coach a lot of you: that’s what you say you want!

So, fire your inner PR agent, even if it scares you. Honor the real and ever-evolving you.

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