Pre-Event Jitters?

By Laurie Gerber, Handel Group

It starts like this.

You intrepidly signed up for a singles mixer a few weeks ago, but when the night finally arrives, you start psyching yourself out. Your palms get sweaty, and your chest feels tight, and your mind is racing. Danger! Do not enter! Turn back!

It’s amazing how fast we can autopilot into negative self-talk, sometimes without even realizing it. A voice might pop into your head and remind you of all the things that could go wrong, ways you could fumble, fears about dating, reasons to bail out…

Don’t listen to that voice.

You want to show up to the party as your best self — confident, relaxed, and open to the possibility of meeting someone incredible. The next time you need to quell a case of pre-event jitters or if you simply want to summon a little mojo before an event, remember the following points and give yourself a positive pep talk.

Remind yourself that the feeling is mutual.

Fear of rejection, negative self-talk, gloomy predictions… these bad habits are universal. Everyone you’re going to meet at this dating event is going to feel exactly the same way when they enter a room full of unfamiliar faces. The point is not to avoid it this feeling, but to conquer it by having a good time.

Connect back to the dream.

What did you have in mind when you RSVP’ed? A fun evening, an awesome date, a new relationship, a dynamite love… Connect back to the reason why you’re going out in the first place! You’re ready to find someone one wonderful, but you won’t find them if you stay home.

Make it a Game.

Give yourself a little challenge to meet and you’ll have a metric to measure your success. Can you promise to introduce yourself to five interesting people tonight? You’ll “win” the evening regardless of who you meet, because you met your own highest standard for how you want to show up in your life to the things that matter to you.

Whatever happens at or before your dating event, don’t let nerves, negativity or downright fear derail your faith in yourself.  Relax, stick to the plan and make it your mission to have an awesome time!

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