Happy Hours for Single Parents (And Those Who Want To Date Them!)

We hear you. Dating as a parent is different. You want to meet other single parents as well as people who are open and excited to date someone with children! 

Earlier this year we hosted a small batch of events where being a parent was spotlighted as a conversation starter and a reason to connect. Well, we decided to launch another small batch this summer, only we’re moving locations towards areas on the outskirts of major cities. We want to make it as easy as possible for you to get there. Whether you’re a parent or not, if seeing “has kids” on someone’s profile makes you want to lean in and learn more, then this is most certainly the event for you.

Click on the region-specific links below to learn more and sign up!

Chicago area

25-45: http://www.match.com/events/14662/

46-65: http://www.match.com/events/14705/

Dallas area

25-45: http://www.match.com/events/14741/

46-65: http://www.match.com/events/14685/

Philadelphia area

25-45: http://www.match.com/events/14768/