How To Lose A Guy in 10 Ways

TGIF! It’s Friday and you’re probably thinking about anything other than your 3 pm project deadline. What to wear on that date tonight, should you go with a red lip or opt for a neutral shade, curls or straight hair—decisions, decisions! Well, while you’re at home tonight pondering booties vs. heels, let us give you a little advice on what NOT to do when it comes to texting and social media on your date tonight. From our recent Singles in America study, we found out what men say are major texting and social media faux pas:

Before the date:

#1: Spell-check, ladies! 37% of men say having too many misspellings and using incorrect grammar is a big no-no.

#2: Say something meaningful, k cool? We all do it but it really gets annoying. 33% of men say responding with very short answers is a turn-off.

#3: REFRAIN FROM DOING THIS. 30% of men say using ALL CAPS when texting is a big no-no.

After the date:

#4: Don’t get too text-happy. 53% of men say texting more than once before they can reply is a turn-off.

#5: He’s on the clock! When it comes to texting your date while he’s at work, 47% of men say it’s a major no-no. Please refrain from doing this, ladies.

#6: Save the “OMG” for your BFF, not your date. 41% of men think text slang (LOL, OMG, etc.) is a big turn-off.

After he starts following you on Instagram:

#7: #LayOffTheHashtags. 35% of men don’t like women who use a lot of hashtags in captions. Keep it simple!

#8: Don’t hop on the trend train. 25% of men say using trending hashtags (#TBT, #WCW, #MCM, etc.) is a turn-off.

#9: Keep the baby nephew photos to yourself. 24% of men say pictures of kids and/or babies are a turn-off.

#10: Oh, Pinterest, how we love you. Sadly, 23% of men say inspiring quotes/sayings on your Instagram page are also a no-no.