#MatchMade Scholarship Contest: Meet Austin

Today we’re highlighting our last #MatchMade Scholarship Contest finalist –Austin! Austin just started classes at North Central Texas College, Corinth Campus after graduating from Lake Dallas High School earlier this year.

Austin’s video was chosen as a finalist because it sweetly showcases how Austin, an only child of a single mother, always wanted a father. After meeting the new man in his mother’s life way back in 2003, he knew it was “Dad at first sight” and their family began to grow!


Austin MatchMade Finalist scholarship contest

Q&A with Austin

What inspired you to create your MatchMade video?

The scholarship will allow me to pursue higher education without going into debt and show that online dating is a viable option to meet someone great. 

How will the scholarship help you meet your goals?

Receiving this scholarship would let me keep my options open and allow me to explore different schools than I originally thought possible. 

How did your parents meet on the site? 

When my mom asked “would you date someone with kids?” my dad answered, “as long as you don’t have 12 of them and live in a shoe, I might be interested.”

Tell us about your parents’ first date. 

They attended a wedding where my mom only knew the bride and dad didn’t know anyone (including my mom).

How has Match.com changed your family’s life? 

Without Match, my parents wouldn’t have met. I wouldn’t have a father, I wouldn’t have my little sister, and my mom wouldn’t be happy as she is today.

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