#MatchMade Scholarship Contest: Meet Dacia

Today we’re highlighting the fourth of five #MatchMade Scholarship Contest finalists –Dacia! Dacia attends the University of Wisconsin, River Falls, while working three jobs part-time to make ends meet as a college student.

Dacia’s video showcases the story of her mother and stepfather, step-sister Aevean and their two younger half siblings Iris and Asa. Their story is a testament to long distance relationships, blended families, and taking that big leap of faith.


Dacia matchmade finalist contest

Dacia’s younger sister Aevean, baby brother Asa, and Dacia

Q&A with Dacia

What inspired you to create your MatchMade video?

My parents’ MatchMade fairy tale and its effect on my life is what inspired me to make this video, and I’m sharing it hoping it inspires you too. 

How will the scholarship help you meet your goals?

I work several jobs so that I’m not drowning in student loan debt while trying to pursue my dream of writing a book. The scholarship would lift a huge weight off my shoulders.

How did your parents meet on the site? 

My mom messaged my dad and he replied within minutes. They had what I like to call, a forest fire connection. The second the sparks started flying, it grew into something much bigger.

Tell us about your parents’ first date. 

My dad flew up to Minnesota from Louisiana, where he lived. My mom showed him around Minneapolis and after she dropped him off at the airport, he called 30 minutes later saying he missed her.

How has Match.com changed your family’s life? 

Our family wouldn’t be complete if they hadn’t found each other. Without Match our family, the unrelenting force that it is today, wouldn’t exist.

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