Match Success Couple: Allen and Laure

Laure and I dated briefly right after high school, in 1996. Life took us both in different directions, for nine years. We both married and divorced and I moved about 120 miles south, while Laure stayed in the same town we’d both gone to high school in.

Laure found me on through a search using the reverse match feature. My profile was first in line and she recognized me immediately. She sent me a message right away and that night, when I got home, I wrote her back and a phone call shortly followed. We talked all night long, literally, until the sun came up the next morning.

This coming March, it will have been ten years since Laure sent me that first email and we had that first phone call. We’re still together today and very happy.

At the time, that call was a long distance call, and it cost me about $120. It was the best money I ever spent. In fact, I saved the phone bill from that call and it’s on the first page in our family photo album. 🙂

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