#MatchMade Scholarship Contest: Meet Noah

Today we’re highlighting the second of five #MatchMade Scholarship Contest finalists –Noah! Noah and his MatchMade family live in John’s Creek, Georgia, a quaint suburb of Atlanta, where Noah attends Johns Creek High School as a freshman.

Noah’s video charmingly showed us how Jim, Marci, Noah and his baby sister Lindsay came together as a family through Match, and gives people a glimpse into a tale we at Match so often hear — a single mom ultimately finding love with a man who initially said he didn’t want children on his Match profile!


Noah MatchMade Finalist 2

Noah and his MatchMade baby sister Lindsay

Q&A with Noah

What inspired you to create your MatchMade video?

My mom said this could be our chance to tell the world that Match is more than a place to find a date, it’s a place to find your future.

How will the scholarship help you meet your goals?

The scholarship would help me pursue a business or engineering degree.

How did your parents meet on the site? 

Right after my mom messaged my dad, her computer crashed and she didn’t even know if he’d received it. The next day he messaged her back and the rest is history.

Tell us about your parents’ first date. 

They talked for hours and after they said goodbye, a black cat ran in front of my mom’s car. We’re glad that superstition didn’t turn out to be true.

How has Match changed your family’s life? 

My family’s life wouldn’t be what it is today.

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