#MatchMade Scholarship Contest: Meet Rachael

Today we’re highlighting our first of five #MatchMade Scholarship Contest finalists – Rachael! Hailing from Abilene, Kansas, Rachael attends Abilene High School (go Cowboys!) and hopes to one day become a journalist and enjoy studying abroad in college.

Rachael was chosen as a #MatchMade contest finalist because of her video entry’s heartwarming nature, and her ability to bring us into her family’s MatchMade world. Her video uniquely told the story of how Match helped to bring her parents together—Rachael’s single mom and a charming soldier overseas—and how love and family know no distance.


Rachael Abilene Kansas MatchMade Scholarship Finalist 2

Rachael and her MatchMade family, including mom Roberta and stepdad Charlie

Q&A with Rachael

What inspired you to create your MatchMade video?

I felt my parents’ story needed to be told.

How will the scholarship help you meet your goals?

This scholarship could help me pursue my goals of becoming writer/journalist and studying abroad.

How did your parents meet on the site? 

My stepdad messaged my mom saying he thought they had a lot in common and he wanted to know if she wanted to go out sometime.

Tell us about your parents’ first date. 

They really hit it off and Charlie told my mom that he was getting out of the Army after his enlistment. He still remembers my mom stealing a quick kiss before she left.

How has Match changed your family’s life? 

Now my mom is happier, as is our whole family. Someday I hope I can find a love as real as theirs.

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