Match Success Couple: Spencer and Kristin

“That’s when he sent me his first email. I almost ignored it as I was getting wary. But something told me to try it ONE LAST TIME.”

Kristin’s Version

August 06, 2010 – That’s when he sent me his first email. I almost ignored it as I was getting wary. But something told me to try it ONE LAST TIME.

We exchanged a couple of e-mails. Then I prank-called him. First, I called PWC in Los Angeles (mostly to check if he truly worked there). Then I pretended to call from a hospital, and said that it was urgent (I know, I have a sick sense of humor). He called back, but he knew it was me. Since then, our phone had been an extension of our face since we called each other so much and would talk for hours. I had to pay a $500 dollar phone bill a month later… and maybe the next month after that.

I asked him out on our first date (what?!). Before you jump to conclusions, he asked me out before (twice), I just turned him down (both times). It was just another random day at work, and it was about to conclude. I didn’t feel like going home yet. My friends had already gone somewhere else. So… I called Spence and asked him if he wanted to see a movie that night. Of course he said “Yes.”

I knew right away on our first date that he was different; that he was going to stick around for a while. Fireworks, butterflies in the stomach, all the cheesy goodness from those romantic comedies were actually true. Finally, it felt like I was where I belonged as I ate chilli cheese fries while watching him do the worm dance.

Indeed, it was the last time I used

Spencer’s Version
It was through the magic and genius of the internet that I first set eyes upon the profile of lady who would change the course of my life. Having never utilized the internet to search for possible dates or mates, I was reluctant to use to explore my options.

However, when I viewed her picture gallery and read about how she was a sucker for Disney movies, odd adventures, and her favorite flowers were lilies. I typed a introduction email and hit the send button. My life has never been the same.

The email exchange was focused around my goal of getting Kristin to laugh (you will have to ask her if I succeeded) and ended up with a date set for me to pick her up from her work in Fullerton and view the movie ‘Scott Pilgrim vs. the World’ (a classic in its own right). Kristin said I was very loud during the film and she was little embarrassed (sorry…babe).

After the movie, we found ourselves eating hamburgers and chili fries in the basement cafeteria of Kristin’s work around midnight discussing life and with me busting out my ‘worm’ dance moves to prove my awesome-ness. That date led to the beginning our incredible life journey.

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