Match Success Couple: Tom and Mandy

I knew exactly who I was looking for, and after dating several women I found her.

You see, I was married for 23 years to my high school sweetheart, and I was so young and immature I thought I could change her into who I wanted. It took several years to realize I can’t and shouldn’t change her.

We have 3 wonderful kids together, and we get along well compared to many other divorced people. We just realized we needed to move on, and our kids even encouraged it. So after a lot of guilt and soul searching, we decided to get a divorce.

I moved from a house into an apartment and began fixing myself. After a while I started dating, looking for who I have always been looking for. I was such a different person than who I was in my 20’s. I knew what kind of woman I wanted, and I was not willing to compromise my happiness. I didn’t care how long it would take, I would not settle. If I had to be alone so be it.

So I joined a dating service and started to date. Some dates were OK, some dates were lousy, but all were easy to know to move on. This dating service was slow and not very successful, so I then joined Match. On Match I had more choices and had more freedom to ask women out at my desired pace.

I had a few dates that again weren’t compatible. Then…..I saw Mandy’s picture.

She was so beautiful, and at the same time so warm. I swear I saw into her soul from her eyes just in the picture. She was so beautiful, I didn’t think I had a chance but I forced myself to try. So, my very first words were a simple “Hello, I like your profile and pictures and would like to swap some emails to get to know you a bit. Let me know if you’re interested.” And holy buckets she responded!

I was home sick for 2 weeks when we first started to swap email and so we did not meet for 2 weeks. But wow, it was as if we were writing each other books everyday and we got to know each other well before we finally met. Our first date was a lunch, and I knew quickly I wanted to see her again. Our second date happened to be a lunch date on Valentine’s Day. It was only our second date but being Valentines Day I thought I should give her something. I gave her chocolate sprinkled popcorn. I guess it was the perfect gift, because she gave me a kiss for being so kind!

We just clicked about everything instantly. We found we had virtually everything in common, and it was like we were meeting ‘home’ when we met each other.
I have 3 kids, and she has 2 kids, and our kids get along great. Should all of this really be this easy? It is when you have found your soulmate. When people say they found their soulmate it used to make me want to vomit, and I did not believe them. But now I believe them. I love the way we are when we are together. People want what we have, and we are happy and appreciate each other all the time!

We started talking marriage just a few months after we started dating. It was so nice to not want to change a single thing about her, and she feels the same about me. We thought, “Let’s get married in the summer or spring so we can get married in a park. But why wait that long? We want to spend every day together. So, we decided in late November, just 10 months after we met, to get married during Thanksgiving while our families would already be in town.

From meeting to marriage; it hasn’t even been a year, but I have never been more sure about anything. Neither of us has been more sure. I love her with all my heart.  We have the same interests. We love the same music and going to concerts. We love the outdoors and a glass of wine sitting on the patio swing. We love the same types of foods. We parent our children the same way. Her eyes and smile melt me. We have the same love and values and beliefs. We are so excited for today and more excited about tomorrow. She makes me a better person.

Meeting each other on Match has been a true blessing.

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