Match of the Month: NikkiNY19


Your Name: Nikki H.

Current City: New York City

Hometown: Huntington, NY (Strong Island represent!)

Three words to describe Match.comAdvantageous, useful, promising

Your pre-date necessity: Two shots of Patron. Done. Kidding!! Staying active is extremely important for me and I love to exercise everyday.  So getting in a good workout before a date is necessary for me.  It gives me that boost of energy and confidence I need before a date!

Best hidden gem in your city: Hmmm well if I tell people than its not a hidden gem anymore! No, I really love the hole in the wall restaurants and bars you can stumble upon while walking around downtown in the city. Recently, I’ve been going to the speakeasy type of places such as PDT and Raine’s Law. At PDT (Please Dont Tell), you walk through a phone booth in a hotdog joint to get to the bar! I do love Freeman’s too on Lower East Side. It has such a cozy feel to it. Perfect for the winter cold and delicious cocktails!

Your advice to others on using Match:  Try to be as open-minded as possible.  Everyone deserves love and happiness. And don’t get discouraged after one bad date! I’ve been on a TON of bad dates! (ha that sounds bad!) but it’ll make that good date, that “match” extra awesome when it happens. It takes guts to put yourself out there so take the time to read each profile and take the time to create a great, authentic profile! And boys, no shirtless mirror selfies please…automatic NO for me!  It’s all about just staying optimistic and trying to find something positive and valuable about each person I meet. Even if its not a match, you never know where it can lead you.

Meet NikkiNY19 on now!

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