Featured Success Couple: Tony and Erica

Match.com success couple Tony and Erica entered TODAY show’s “Pop the Question contest” and their video was chosen as a finalist amongst 800 submissions. Watch their proposal and read their Match.com story below!

“We joined Match.com because we both were so busy that it was hard to find any time to go out and meet people.  I am the VP of Marketing at a digital marketing agency called Logical Position and work around the clock.  She is a makeup artist and retail manager as well as mother of two gorgeous girls.  Needless to say, finding the time to go out and meet new people just wasn’t going to happen.  We skeptically joined Match.com after peer pressure from our friends.  I think we both thought it would be something that would just pass the time and maybe find someone to go on a few dates with.  We never thought in a million years we would meet the person we were going to marry!”

“I found Erica on the site and reached out to her.  The funny part about it is that my month was about to end in a couple days and was literally one click away from saying “this is a waste of time” and cancelling early.  Instead, something in me was telling me just finish out the month and the next day I found her.  It took us about a week or two to meet in person.  I totally made an excuse to go buy something I didn’t need from her store in order to have a reason to ask her out to lunch.  She was open to it and we had lunch in a nearby café.  That was two years ago and we have been inseparable since!”

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