Happy St. Patrick’s Day: Celebrating Redheads

luck of the irish st. patricks day redheads red heads

Today is St. Patrick’s Day, and while people around the world are channeling their inner Irish, you can bet your green beads that redheaded ladies will be having the most fun, and maybe even getting the most lucky! According to our Singles in America survey, redheads are by far the most vivacious of all singles when it comes to their sex lives, and we have the data to prove it’s more than Irish folklore. When it comes to redheaded single women:

Redheads have more orgasms than women of other hair colors

  • 41% of Redheads orgasm 90-100% of the time during sex with a familiar partner
    • 29% of Black-haired women
    • 34% of Brunettes
    • 36% of Blondes

Redheaded ladies have had more one night stands & Friends with Benefits

  • 63% of Redheads have had a one night stand
    • 45% of Black-haired women
    • 51% of Brunettes
    • 55% of Blondes
  • 53% of Redheads have had a Friends with Benefits relationship
    • 49% of Black-haired women
    • 52% of Brunettes
    • 48% of Blondes

Redheads think about sex more often than women of other hair colors

  • 48% of Redheads think about sex at least once a day or more
    • 38% of Black-haired women
    • 42% of Brunettes
    • 35% of Blondes

Redheads have had more threesomes than women of other hair colors

  • 25% of Redheads have had a threesome
    • 18% of Black-haired women
    • 16% of Brunettes
    • 14% of Blondes

Whether you’re celebrating as a redheaded lass or not, we wish you a Happy St. Patty’s Day and hope your love life is full of luck today & every day!

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