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Second date: the “I think I might like you” date

Congrats! You made it to the second date. You both had a good enough time to warrant a second go, and chances are you’ve been burning up the phone (or text) lines in between. Depending on the situation, second date waters can be a little difficult to navigate—you think you might like the person, but you don’t want to come off as too available or needy right off the bat. For this reason, we think that the second date should be all about fun.

Second dates are a great time to establish shared interests and invest a little more, in terms of time, money, and thought. One of our favorite second date options is bike riding and a picnic at the park. Preparing a picnic and renting bikes beforehand is thoughtful yet playful, and depending on the season, can be totally picturesque. It’s a great way to play tourist in your own town.

Some other second date options include classes or workshops, like a cooking class or Paint Nite. Not unlike the first date, shared activities provide great conversation starters, as well as bonding over working on something together. Sporting events are also our go-to second dates, for similar reasons. Who doesn’t enjoy rooting on the home team together?

Tune in next week for Delightful’s “Third date: the “I’m into you” date” on the Match blog!

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